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  • Duurzaam Printen

    Whether in the office or at home in the private sphere: we print a lot of everyday documents, photos and other things. But is it always necessary to print out all the paperwork? In recent years we have seen the term sustainable printing, there is increasing again. Sustainable printing is a method of printing which can pollute the environment as little as possible. And there you have several options.

    Durable printing

    Less print

    From now on you always ask the question: is it necessary to print out? Today more and we still do more digital, so it is not always longer necessary to print out a document to read it. The time that people have been printing out their e-mails, is now a thing of the past. By printing less, need less paper and printing ink and makes the waste mountain of empty cartridges and toner reduced.

    Printed with environmentally friendly ink cartridges

    Nowadays, there are many possibilities of printing with environmentally friendly cartridges. Usually this type of cartridges recycled. It may also be that they are refillable. So do you stay longer with one cartridge so that the burden on the environment is also much less.

    Opt for another and less paper

    Due to printing on paper that is more environmentally friendly, you're doing good business on the road to sustainable printing. Some organizations use recycled paper made ​​from pulp from waste paper. Please note that this paper does not always meet NEN and ISO standards. Yet this paper is fine for internal use. Or opt for instance for paper with an FSC label. To save even more on paper, it makes sense to go sided printing. To use half less paper than before.

    Choose a durable printer

    Printers come in all types and energy classes. Therefore, choose a printer that can print as energy efficient as possible. Most new printers use technologies that cause less ink and less energy is consumed. Also make sure that you set up your printers so that they automatically go to standby mode if not used for a while. Exit evening the office or go home to bed? Turn off all printer or use a timer.

    Would you like to work with durable printing? The above options can help with environmental conservation in the field of printing. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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